SEO gurus are teaching you tactics that work, but in general, they’re still giving you bad advice. Today, I’m going to break down why some SEO gurus have been lying to you to your face this whole time.


In most cases, SEO gurus give you tactical advice instead of strategical, long-term execution on what works best. In isolation, yes, each tactic can help you, but it only takes you so far.

If you look at the biggest companies who dominate SEO, they don’t dominate it because they purely focus on SEO. Instead, they dominate because they’ve built a good product or service.

Google wants to show you what’s best for users, right? It’s not about what’s the most backlinked sites.

But if you want to build a big business, do well, there’s a few things you need to know. One, you need to focus on your product or service. Is your product or service amazing? So amazing that people want to keep using it over and over again?

Number two, you need to build a brand. And Google’s looking at brand queries because the bigger the brand for terms, you know, or categories, they know that that company is less likely to create fake news so they’re more likely to rank them higher because people have an affinity towards that brand.

So focus on creating amazing product, amazing service and build a good brand. And the way you focus on building a good brand is by going omnichannel, leveraging SEO, content marketing, good product, good service, paid ads, radio ads, television ads, heck, my ad agency, NP Digital, we run television ads. Not because television is amazing, it’s a great medium for me to reach more people and it allows people to know more about my brand.

The third thing that I want you to do, if you want to do well in the long run is you need to keep experimenting. Just because a marketer, or a guru, including me, tells you something doesn’t mean that advice is going to hold true forever.

So, you need to constantly run experiments. And even if you find something that wins, it may not win tomorrow so you got to rerun tests over time.

So, if you follow those three things, you’re going to do better in the long run. Think about it, you need a holistic approach. And if you need a holistic approach with your marketing, check out my ad agency, NP Digital.

If you have any questions on your marketing strategy, leave a comment below, let me know your marketing strategy. What are you trying to do with SEO, or content, or paid? What’s working, what’s not? And I gladly will give you feedback for free and tell you how to adjust things to get better results.

Now, keep in mind, once you adjust things, right away, you’re not going to see results that you may be looking for. Sometimes, it takes a week, a month, three months. If it’s a CRO tweak, sure, you’ll see results right away. But, for most marketing changes, it can take months before you see results so just make sure you’re patient as well.

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