Learn Affiliate Marketing.Turn Your Passion Into Profits.

Learn Affiliate Marketing.Turn Your Passion Into Profits.
Learn Affiliate Marketing.Turn Your Passion Into Profits.

Affiliate Marketing.

Turn your passion into profits by learning from the people synonymous with affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing Training. Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion.


Dreaming of working from home?Turn your passion into profits by learning from the people synonymous with affiliate marketing

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Introducing ClickBank University TV

Video Transcription.... ▼

Video Transcription.

Justin hey Justin do you guys know who 00:05 this is it's just an outlet from 00:07 Clickbank University 00:08 he's one of today's most successful 00:11 digital marketing and online 00:12 entrepreneurship experts teaching 00:14 thousands of people how to get started 00:17 with building a business online hey guys 00:23 how's it going I have so many questions 00:26 to ask you how do I Drive traffic what 00:30 niche should I get into what's the 00:32 formula for setting up a successful 00:34 funnel and how do I even get started 00:37 with all of us and what's the first step 00:39 alright those are all great questions 00:40 that I actually get asked every day 00:42 inside of the Clickbank University forum 00:44 inside the q and a's so how did you get 00:48 started and come to head Clickbank 00:50 University as this Authority in all 00:53 things marketing and business well it 00:55 all started in my college dorm room 00:57 actually I was googling ways to make 00:58 money on the internet and I found a site 01:01 called Clickbank that allowed people to 01:03 sell their own digital products on the 01:05 platform and also sell other people's 01:07 products to earn a commission as high as 01:09 75% there were a lot of ups and downs 01:12 during my journey and I really just 01:14 didn't know who to turn to for 01:16 information there's so much info out 01:18 there it's like information overload so 01:20 I just had to try things see what worked 01:22 and eventually I found my own way fast 01:25 forward a couple years later and my 01:27 company has been able to generate eight 01:29 figures on Clickbank we were written up 01:31 in Business Insider Yahoo Finance CNN 01:34 Money and a bunch more probably the 01:36 coolest thing is being flown up to the 01:38 White House and name is the top 100 01:40 young entrepreneur in the USA by the 01:42 impact100 Awards that was quite an 01:45 experience soon after all that we 01:46 partnered with Clickbank to start 01:48 Clickbank University and lead one 01:50 mission which was to help aspiring 01:52 entrepreneurs like you get started 01:54 online and attain the dream lifestyle 01:57 yes the dream I see you traveling the 02:00 world smiling doing adventurous things 02:03 that's definitely not most people I wish 02:06 I could do that and you can being a 02:08 digital entrepreneur it means that you 02:10 can do what you love and do it from any 02:11 where in the world and the best part is 02:13 you're your own boss 02:14 there's no nine-to-five there's no being 02:16 stuck behind a crummy desk if you don't 02:18 want to and you are focused on making 02:21 your dream come true Clickbank is taking 02:23 a hands-on approach to help digital 02:24 entrepreneurs more than ever before 02:26 so we've already helped tens of 02:27 thousands of people be more successful 02:29 through our flagship program called 02:31 Clickbank University and we want to help 02:33 people just like you yeah yeah you 02:36 that's exactly our mission to help 02:38 aspiring entrepreneurs all over the 02:39 world achieve their dreams as long as 02:42 they're willing to put in the work and I 02:44 actually have an idea how about I help 02:46 you answer all those questions you have 02:48 and any others that come up in a youtube 02:51 show that's dedicated to helping you get 02:54 started as a digital entrepreneur we can 02:56 give you all the training the tools you 02:57 need to take your life in your own hands 02:59 and every week we can bring you new 03:01 videos answering the biggest questions 03:03 about getting started online strategies 03:05 for your business and tricks that you 03:07 need to know to get ahead there's also a 03:09 lot of misconceptions out there and you 03:11 need to know what are the most important 03:13 things that you should focus on to grow 03:15 wow that sounds so amazing thank you so 03:18 much I'm really excited I've been 03:21 wanting to do this for what seems like 03:23 forever and I really didn't know where 03:24 to turn 03:25 awesome well you don't have to wait any 03:27 longer you can get started right now and 03:29 this is our first video every button so 03:31 welcome be sure to subscribe to our 03:34 channel so that way you get notified 03:36 about our next video which is gonna be 03:37 every single week we're launching a new 03:39 one and we'll see you then 03:41 thanks Justin I'll be seeing you 03:43 [Music] 03:48 you

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