Protect Your Website Content. Don’t Lose Money.

Protect Your Website. Get stolen content removed from the internet. A premium protection program to deter, detect and defend against content thieves. Keep an eye on your content with dmca'.com's protection program.
Protect Your Website Content. Don’t Lose Money.

Protect Your Website Content. Don’t Lose Money.

Protect Your Website. Get stolen content removed from the internet. A premium protection program to deter, detect and defend against content thieves. Keep an eye on your content with dmca'.com's protection program.

Protect your website content and get stolen content removed from the internet.

Are you keeping an eye on your valuable website content?

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What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?

Video Transcript. ... ▼

Video Transcript.

as the internet took off legislation 00:12 tried to keep up and an important piece 00:14 of Internet content related legislation 00:16 is something that's known as the DMCA 00:18 it's the Digital Millennium Copyright 00:19 Act it was passed in 1998 I guess 00:24 anticipating the Digital Millennium that 00:27 we are limiting so the DMCA does a 00:30 couple of things the DMCA is you know 00:32 established law in the United States you 00:34 may have heard about something called a 00:35 DMCA takedown notice what you talked 00:37 about in a second but there are two 00:39 probably two most important parts of the 00:41 DMCA when it comes to what happens 00:43 online the first one is the 00:48 anti-circumvention provisions and these 00:53 are fairly controversial and have 00:55 remained fairly controversial so what is 00:58 anti-circumvention so what this means is 01:00 that if a copyright holder places some 01:03 type of digital rights management 01:05 software or hardware on a particular 01:07 piece of content it is now illegal for 01:10 you to try to figure out how that works 01:13 or defeat it and it doesn't matter if 01:16 you violate any of their copyrights in 01:18 the process just the attempt to try to 01:20 circumvent these digital rights 01:22 management approaches is itself illegal 01:25 and the problem with this is you know 01:28 this sort of can be read is basically an 01:31 anti and I need to work on my writing 01:34 today this this can sort of 01:37 unfortunately blend into an anti 01:40 tinkering and an anti curiosity 01:44 provision for example for a long time 01:47 the rights of people to sort of examine 01:49 things that they own I bought this phone 01:52 you know I should be able to take it 01:53 apart try to figure out how it works 01:55 this is something that you know a lot of 01:57 inventors a lot of people that are 01:59 creative have enjoyed doing and have 02:01 learned a lot from and the DMCA sort of 02:03 specifically says in certain cases there 02:06 are now this protected class of software 02:08 or hardware that you are not allowed to 02:10 meddle and even trying to circumvent 02:12 these things is 02:13 not illegal and so this this is sort of 02:16 fairly unpopular now you can also argue 02:19 in the in the proceeding you know almost 02:21 two decades these anti-circumvention 02:23 provisions have proved pretty toothless 02:26 I mean almost every variety of digital 02:29 rights management that the content 02:30 creators have tried to deploy has been 02:32 defeated in some way or another and some 02:36 of the exploits you know require more 02:38 and more sophisticated approaches but 02:39 you only have to do it once all I have 02:42 to do is beat one type of DRM and I get 02:44 a couple you know an on an unprotected 02:46 copy of your content and then I can 02:48 distribute it a billion times you see 02:49 the internet so it doesn't necessarily 02:51 have to be something that you know your 02:53 grandfather can do it just has to be 02:54 something that somebody can do so that's 02:56 one version of the DMCA a more positive 03:02 provision of the DMCA that's also fairly 03:04 well known and has probably led to the 03:06 most widespread use of this term in 03:09 practice is safe harbor provisions for 03:12 internet service providers and operators 03:15 of various types of websites so for 03:17 example YouTube YouTube is this 03:19 incredible platform we are clearly using 03:21 it people all over the world use it to 03:23 upload all sorts of interesting videos 03:24 but you know YouTube can also be used by 03:27 someone who wants to upload someone 03:29 something that they don't have the 03:30 rights to upload so I can take a you 03:33 know a copyrighted movie that I don't 03:36 own the copyrights to and I can upload 03:38 it to YouTube and then YouTube 03:40 potentially before the DMCA could be 03:42 sued by the copyright owner for engaging 03:45 in the dissemination of this content 03:47 despite the fact that they have no 03:49 control over what their users upload now 03:51 YouTube is constantly working and 03:53 scanning and trying to identify 03:54 copyrighted materials so that it doesn't 03:57 you know run afoul of these types of 03:59 laws and types of rules but the safe 04:02 harbor versions of the DMC provided some 04:05 degree of limitation of liability for 04:07 both sites like YouTube and for Internet 04:10 service providers so your internet 04:12 service provider is not legally liable 04:13 if you Cho choose to download or stream 04:16 illegal content over their networks they 04:18 can't be legally liable so those are 04:20 probably good things now the same our 04:23 provisions of have also the same part of 04:26 this law 04:27 to put into place a mechanism for 04:29 copyright holders to request certain 04:33 sites take down content and that's 04:35 something that's referred to as the DMCA 04:37 takedown notice and so you can you know 04:44 maybe if you've posted things to YouTube 04:45 before you've received one of these 04:48 YouTube I'm sure it gets 04:50 I don't know thousands tens of thousands 04:52 hundreds of thousands of these a day a 04:54 week and what it means is that the 04:56 copyright holder has identified that 04:58 there is a copyrighted content that's 04:59 being unlawfully distributed by a 05:02 particular site and it forces or 05:05 requests that the site take down that 05:07 content immediately so YouTube may 05:09 respond to this by removing or blocking 05:11 your video and Internet service provider 05:13 or website provider may respond to this 05:15 by turning off your site and so this 05:18 this is a mechanism that allows the 05:20 copyright holder to identify content 05:23 that shouldn't be online should be 05:25 freely available and requested it be 05:27 removed now the usage of this mechanism 05:29 is somewhat controversial because 05:31 studies have found that large 05:33 percentages of DMCA takedown notices are 05:36 actually for content that is either not 05:39 copyrighted at all or protected under 05:42 various fair use fair use mechanisms and 05:44 so a lot of times these may be being 05:47 generated by automatic you know BOTS 05:49 that don't really understand exactly 05:50 what fair use is and so obviously 05:53 dealing with these types of takedown 05:54 notices creates a lot of problems for 05:55 sites and for creators and things like 05:57 this 05:58 but in general you know you might argue 05:59 that the safe harbor version seemed like 06:01 a positive move forward making sure that 06:04 certain conduits on the Internet aren't 06:07 held responsible for the behavior of 06:09 users because boats are useful articles 06:12 whose form cannot clearly be cleanly 06:15 separated from their function the vessel 06:18 tiny bowl type sorry vessel hull design 06:21 Protection Act what that's a part of the 06:23 dams

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