Keyword Density: How important is keyword density for SEO?

Keyword density for SEO

How important is keyword density for SEO?

How important is keyword density in your article/blog post for SEO?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) your keywords will always be important. Search engines like Google are getting smarter all the time and that means search engines are becoming more “human” so to speak. This tells us that search engines are looking more and more for natural and human-friendly content and keyword density is something that is certainly very important. Ask yourself how you speak to another person when you discuss a certain subject.

How many times should you use your focus keywords in your post?

Keywords are the main thing that search engines use to connect the visitor to your website. That doesn’t mean that you should stuff your post by using the same keywords over and over again. This may only lead to the opposite of what you want to achieve. Using a keyword 15 times in a 500-word article can get you flagged and penalized by search engines.
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Your keyword only needs to be in the title, heading 1, first 10% of your content, in the meta description and URL. Just keep your content natural, relevant and unique and make sure your post contains around 600 words or more.

Content will always be king.

Remember that information on a website or blog are written for humans and that humans are searching for information they need. This is why companies like Google are striving towards a search engine that is as human as possible. Maybe you heard many times before that content is king. This will always be true because it will always be about information that people are searching for and that is what the internet is all about.

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Of course, there are more factors that should be considered when it comes to SEO. Content also includes things like images and video and this plays a very important role in optimizing your website for search. Naturally, images and videos are necessary to supplement your content. Use only as many images as you need to help get your message across. Remember to add alt attributes to images that include your keywords.

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There is also the technical part of SEO that’s very important. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you with all aspects of SEO. There are great plugins to use like Yoast, Rank Math and several others to help with SEO as well as plugins to optimize your site if you have a WordPress blog.

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