Effective Email Marketing. 6 Important Factors.

Effective Email MarketingEffective Email Marketing. 6 Important Factors. 1

Effective email marketing campaigns should be carefully planned and cleverly written. People, in general, get a lot of emails in their inboxes daily. You must be able to attract attention and let your email stand out in the pile.


With your next email campaign, pay attention to the following :


People like to be addressed by their first name when you speak to them. The same is applicable when you write to them. There are a very few people that like to be addressed as sir or madam. I personally usually feel uncomfortable when addressed as sir in an email and it also raises suspicion in some cases.

Be professional.

Be professional in the right way. Pay attention to spelling and grammar but don’t be a stiff without personality.

Use of images

Images form an important part of email marketing and should supplement the message you are trying to convey. Good images and enough of it makes reading an email much more pleasant and interesting. Do you like an email with just a lot of text?

Effective email marketing. Responsive design. Responsive Design

People read their emails on different devices and especially mobile devices these days. Responsive design when it comes to email is becoming more and more important. More companies today prioritize mobile optimization. Make sure that your emails are looking good and easily readable on all devices.


Marketing emails must contain a meaningful call-to-action (CTA). Every message must have a point to it. Because people get a lot of emails each day, it is important to get to the point and not take up their time unnecessarily. And please, don’t try too hard. You may appear to be just another annoying, desperate marketer trying to sell anything for a buck.

Solve a problem.

Offering something someone need and/or can solve a problem they have will also be much more effective than just another product or service someone else already bombarded them with already.

Effective Email Marketing. 6 Important Factors. 4It is always a good starting point to identify a need and know what people are searching for before you start any marketing campaign.


Effective Email Marketing. 6 Important Factors. 5

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